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  1. If you travel during school holidays, secure your place in advance. Contact our advisers to guide you in booking accommodation and ski center services. Queries.

  2. We do not issue plane or bus tickets or transfers, we recommend doing so in advance to set rates and avoid increases. How to get?

  3. There are some promotions that include bus transfers from Neuquén airport to Caviahue, they are exceptional cases in which we offer this service.

  4. The accommodation of the company includes the transfer of the hotel to the mountain round trip at no cost. The maximum distance from the ski center to the hotels and cabins is 1.5 km.

  5. 2 accommodations are located at the base of the hill: Grand Hotel & Spa and Cabañas del Cerro, a few meters from the lifts, Paradores, Rental, Ticket Office and School that you can reach on foot.

  6. For those who stay in other establishments, the Cono Sur company makes the journey from the town to the hill at different times, there are also remises.

  7. If you come by car (whether rented or own) do not forget to bring the chains to use on the route in case of ice or snowfall.

  8. Parking at the ski center is free.

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