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Caviahue Ski Resort informs that the ski center is closed to the public and it is not allowed to enter the concession area. It also warns that there are risks of avalanches as a result of the large amount of accumulated snow that endangers the physical integrity of people. Compañía de los Andes SA and its representatives disclaim any criminal or civil liability for any accident or injury that people may suffer through negligence, carelessness or recklessness in the territory of the concession.


The Secretary of Tourism of the Nation (Res. 256), requires that the following conditions form part of every tourist contract.


The company Compañía de los Andes SA and the tour operator Tierra Alta Turismo - EVyT Legajo 15,792 (hereinafter the “Organizers”) explicitly declare that they act as independent intermediaries between passengers and various service providers, for which reason they lack responsibility for deficiencies in the provision of the same that may occur.

Passenger transport contracts through the use of airlines and / or land transport companies will be exclusively between the providers of such services and the passengers.

Air or land transport companies will be responsible only for acts, omissions and / or events that occur during the time that passengers are on board their units. Otherwise, such providers do not have any type of responsibility that could be attributed to them.

In particular, The Organizers are not responsible:

(A) for any damage, loss, loss or injury, personal, moral or material, caused directly, indirectly and / or consequently by the passenger to himself and / or his companion and / or third parties due to the activity carried out in the Ski Center and at the Grand Hotel & Spa or at the Hotel Nevado y Cabañas;

(B) for any damage, theft and / or theft of which the Passenger and / or his companion and / or third parties and / or the property of any of these may be subject to the activity carried out at the Ski Center and at the Grand Hotel & Spa or at the Hotel Nevado y Cabañas;

(C) due to failures in communication equipment, power supply, or technical defects, human errors and / or natural disasters, or deliberate actions by third parties that could disrupt, suspend or interrupt the normal development of their activity in the Center of Ski and at the Grand Hotel & Spa or at the Hotel Nevado y Cabañas;

(D) due to mechanical failures and / or technical defects and / or human errors and / or natural catastrophes, or deliberate actions of third parties that could disturb, suspend or interrupt transfers and / or the performance of everything necessary to carry out normal activity at the Ski Center and at the Grand Hotel & Spa or at the Hotel Nevado y Cabañas.

Reservation Form:
  1. All reservations must be supported by a written request, reservation order or voucher, via email to:;

  2. Reservations are subject to availability at the time of request.

  3. The requested reservation will be kept until the expiration date indicated in the confirmation thereof. After that date, the reservation that has not been reconfirmed may be canceled without prior notice.

  4. To reconfirm the reservation, the total payment must be made, before the stipulated expiration date.

  5. Payments can be made by: credit card, deposit or bank transfer.

  6. The details of the bank deposit must be sent by mail, detailing which reservation it corresponds to.

  7. All payments will be considered non-refundable even in the event of Force Majeure.

  8. Any changes to be made on confirmed reservations will be subject to availability.

  9. Responsible operator: Tierra Alta Turismo EVyT File 15,792

Alterations or Modifications:

The Company may justifiably cancel any individual or collective tour or trip and / or modify the itinerary and / or the schedules or days of departures and / or return of the contracted trips or tours, as well as the hotels and contracted services when any occurs. of the following causes: 1) If it is necessary for the better development of the Tour and / or if circumstances of force majeure or fortuitous event force it to do so. 2) When the Company, despite having acted with due foresight, cannot dispose for reasons beyond its control of all the reservations of hotels, transport or other essential services contracted and provided that it is up to date in its financial obligations with those who were to lend them. 3) When the alteration of rates or currency exchange rates forces a substantial increase in the price of the trip and that this gives rise to the consequent cancellations among the registered persons; 4) When a sufficient number of registrations has not been reached as indicated by Law 18,829. The cancellation will be communicated at least ten (10) days before the departure date, leaving the Company free of all responsibility by reimbursing the amount received.

Arbitration clause:

Any matter that arises as a result of the celebration, fulfillment, breach, extension or termination of this contract, may be submitted by the parties to the resolution of the Arbitration Tribunal of the Argentine Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies. In the event of submission to said jurisdiction, the contracting parties are subject to and accept all the conditions established by the Arbitral Tribunal Regulations.

Customer Acceptance / Application Standards:

These general conditions, together with the rest of the documentation that is delivered to the Passengers, make up the Travel Contract. These conditions are delivered by the Company to the Passenger at the time of booking the services or the registration request and are transcribed on our website:, and can be read by clicking on General Conditions, in the Home . The Passenger declares to know and accept these general contracting conditions and said acceptance is ratified by means of any one of the following acts: 1) The payment of the reservation and / or the contracted services before the start of the trip, by any means or modality. 2) Acceptance of the invoice for the contracted services. 3) Through the use of any portion of the contracted services.


The client may modify or cancel his reservation at any time by contacting the Reservation Center directly by phone +54 11 4519-8077 or by e-mail: If the client modifies or cancels their reservation, there may be charges from the accommodation or service provider. Each service provider has its own cancellation policy, which is detailed in their description on the website

In the event that these charges are not specified in the description of the service, those described below will be charged:

- Less than 72 hours and no show: 100% of the total reservation.

In no case will any refund be made for services contracted and not used voluntarily by the client.

Cancellation Charges:

Neither the operator nor the Organizers will make partial refunds of the services included in the tour to which the passengers voluntarily renounce.

Air and bus transfers: full payment upon reservation without the right to refund.

Hospitality of Grand Hotel & Spa and Hotel Nevado and cabins: Conditions of each hotel.

The payment of a Reservation: does not freeze the price.

Reservations and contracting of ski packages, passes, accommodation, ski rental and / or ski classes will be subject to the general contracting conditions established above, as well as those established below. Without prejudice to this, any change or modification established below will prevail over the General Conditions established above.

Cerro Caviahue Ski Center, Grand Hotel & Spa and Hotel and Cabañas del Hotel Nevado: Cancellations, modification of dates or changes of names of any service provided by the Organizers, give rise to the following penalties:

  • If the reservation is canceled / modified up to 60 days before the passenger's arrival, 100% of the balance will be charged and credited for future visits,

  • If the reservation is canceled / modified between 59 days and 30 days before the arrival of the passenger, the amount corresponding to the total of the stay will be debited, 50% of the total reservation will be charged as a penalty and the other 50% will remain as a credit for future visits,

  • If the reservation is canceled / modified between 29 days and 1 day before the passenger's arrival or NO SHOW, 100% of the total stay will be charged as a penalty,

  • If there is any payment at the time of cancellation within the term, it will be considered as a credit for future reservations.

Date change:

The postponement or advancement of the dates stipulated in each case, may be carried out only once and in accordance with the modalities, conditions and availability of the different service providers, having to pay a 10% surcharge as a penalty and, where appropriate , the rate differences due to the change of season, if applicable. The Company is exempt from all responsibility in case of not being able to satisfy the changes requested by the Passenger, applying in such case the provisions of the preceding clause ("Cancellations" and "Cancellation Charges").

Default in Payment:

In the event that the passenger is in default of payment regarding the amount of the agreed fees or balances, for the sole fact that ten (10) days have elapsed from the date for such purposes; The Organizers, at their own discretion, may choose between the following options:

  • Cancel the tour and / or contract package, without the right of the passenger to request any refund for any reason.

  • Charge as punitive interest up to 0.5% per day of the balance owed.

Fortuitous Event / Force Majeure / Natural Catastrophes:

The Organizers are not responsible for any change, cancellation or modification of the reservation, nor for any loss or damage caused by the breach, by the service providers, of any of the respective obligations towards the client when said breach was caused. due to force majeure circumstances. Said circumstances include, but are not limited to: wars, revolutions, terrorist attacks, border closures, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, lack of snow or inappropriate snowy weather conditions or any other circumstance that could seriously affect both parties, as well like any other unforeseeable circumstance beyond the control of Compañía de los Andes SA.

The Organizers reserve the right to modify the schedules and / or days of departure and / or returns if necessary due to the favorable development of the tour, or if unforeseen circumstances and / or force majeure force it to do so. If the trip must be shortened or prolonged due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure not attributable to the organizers, the expenses caused by such situations will be the sole responsibility of the passengers.

In the event that, with a minimum notice of forty-eight (48) hours before each departure, the Organizers consider that the snowy meteorological conditions (lack of snow) and volcanic conditions are not guaranteed for the normal practice of activities in the center of ski and / or Grand Hotel & Spa and / or at the Hotel Nevado y Cabañas, or that there are no minimum security conditions on the way to said destination, you may cancel the departure.

Once this has occurred, the Organizers will credit - only for passengers who are not in default of payment - the nominal amount paid for the services contracted as a credit for future departures during the current winter season (subject to availability) or for the same season of the following year, until the entire amount referred to has been consumed.

In the event that unforeseen circumstances occur that are not attributable to the Organizer, the latter may modify them and / or suspend or cancel the Operation, always in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Minimum age:

Minors under eighteen (18) years of age may not stay in any of the hotels, apart hotels, apartments, cabins, etc. owned or operated by Compañía de los Andes SA, unless they are accompanied by an elderly person who is a direct relative and / or their legal representative, which must be accredited at the time of hiring. In this sense, they will be the ones who are responsible for the actions of the minors.

Handwritten signature:

Due to the special characteristics of distance contracting, the client recognizes the impossibility of signing the payment letter, understood as that document through which the agreement of the transaction is usually provided. That is why he waives the signature for any electronic transaction generated as a result of the reservation through the web. The person who completes the reservation form on the page must be authorized to do so on behalf of all the members of the group that is going to travel and must confirm that the people who are part of it accept the conditions of the reservation. In addition, said person will be responsible for the total cost of the reservation, including cancellation or modification fees. Likewise, said person will inform the other members of the group of the details of the confirmation and any other pertinent information.

Documentation :

The client must present an independent printed voucher for each of the contracted services in the corresponding establishment or department (ticket office, school, ski rental, hotels, excursions, etc.).


It is recommended to take out appropriate travel insurance before reaching your destination. It is the client's responsibility to verify that the insurance offers adequate coverage. The insurance should cover, among other things, your cancellation costs, any personal loss, medical costs and expenses for assistance or repatriation in the event of an accident or illness.


Irregularities or deficiencies that the client may find in the contracted services, must be notified directly to the provider of the service in question and during the course of use and enjoyment of it, offering, on the part of the client, sufficient opportunity to rectify the situation from the beginning. . In the event that the solution provided is not satisfied, the client must contact the Customer Service department of Compañía de los Andes SA, in writing,, who is not responsible for any damage or injury caused. due to actions, omissions or negligence of any provider or third parties.

Information accuracy:

The client acknowledges and accepts that Compañía de los Andes SA cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracies of the information offered by the service providers. The client also acknowledges that: The service providers offered by Compañía de los Andes SA strive to keep all the information contained in this website up-to-date and accurate. Consequently, the client is informed and accepts that the information and prices contained in this website are subject to variations and are provided exclusively for informational purposes.

Budgets :

The prices and availabilities of the services saved as "Estimates" are for informational purposes and subject to the availability review at the time of booking confirmation.

Jurisdiction :

Any claim related to this Operation must be made by the Participants and / or Winner and directed to the commercial offices of Compañía de los Andes SA located at 1287 Talcahuano Street, 2nd floor, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. For any judicial issue that may arise from the performance of the Operation, the courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires will be competent.


The Company is not responsible for the deterioration and / or loss and / or theft and / or theft and / or loss of the Baggage and other personal effects of the Passengers. The Passenger is recommended to take out travel insurance to cover the aforementioned risks.

Use of the web:

The client is authorized to use the website for the sole purpose of making legitimate inquiries or reservations, with the consequent commitment of the same not to make speculative, false or fraudulent reservations, or reservations in anticipation of demand. Likewise, the client agrees to provide with correct and precise contact information, such as email, and consents, if necessary, that Compañía de los Andes SA can use it as contact form.

Acceptance of the conditions:

The fact of visiting and using the web, implies the express acceptance by the consumer / client of each and every one of the general conditions, which are considered automatically incorporated into the contract, without requiring their individualized written transcription in it, which complete and develop the specific applicable legislation without contravening it.

Use of customer contact information:

The client, holder of the reservation, guarantees to be over 18 years of age and to be legally capable of using the website and contracting legal obligations. The client guarantees that any personal data provided during the reservation process is correct and that he accepts financial responsibility for any operation carried out under his name or account. The client hereby authorizes Compañía de los Andes SA to include all the personal data provided in relation to a reservation, both his own and those of all those named in the reservation in the confidential database of Compañía de los Andes SA for future communications.


The products that can be contracted within the site, can be reserved individually or in combination as a service package.

Hotels and Accommodations:

Compañía de los Andes SA acts solely as a promoter of accommodation providers, as well as a reservation agent on behalf of the user, so that it cannot be held responsible for death, injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, theft, delay or any other irregularity derived, directly or indirectly, from the provision of services by the hotel or other suppliers that market their accommodation, services and products through the Compañía de los Andes SA website, who is exempt from any contractual liability, extra contractual, or of any other type. It is understood as a provider of accommodation or various services, the providers or owners that appear on the website and that include all the facilities and services offered on this website that Compañía de los Andes SA reserves on behalf of the user. The information of said hotel has been provided by the accommodation provider.

The star rating is that of the destination and complies with current regulations in the area. It is merely a general description and may not apply to all cases. The type of rooms that a hotel provides (for example, single, double, double) can vary. It is the client's responsibility to check the type of accommodation and services provided by each hotel or partner agent. It is the responsibility of the partner agent to offer details about the hotels, services or packages that can be booked through it. The client accepts that we have not carried out quality controls of the establishments offered on the Web, and we are not responsible for the suitability of the accommodation or services provided. The inclusion of accommodation on the Web does not imply in any case the recommendation or endorsement by Compañía de los Andes SA. We waive any responsibility for any inaccuracies regarding the accommodations and services offered on the Web.

Station services:

Compañía de los Andes SA acts, in turn, as the owner and provider of the station services it offers within its domain and which are for sale on this website. The own services that Compañía de los Andes SA offers are: Pass to lifts, ski classes, adventure activities, restaurant services, as well as other services offered within the ski area of Compañía de los Andes SA.

Other services:

Compañía de los Andes SA acts solely as a promoter of service providers, as well as a reservation agent on behalf of the user, so that it cannot be held responsible for the provision of services by the providers and borrowers who market their services and products through the web. Compañía de los Andes SA, who is exempt from any contractual, extra-contractual, or any other type of liability.

Registration, reservation and payments:

At the time of making the reservation, 100% of the total amount of the reservation must be deposited, not being considered firm until said payment is made. Otherwise, the reservation will be automatically canceled, applying, in this case, the conditions outlined in the cancellation section. The client must automatically print the corresponding documentation (vouchers) when 100% of the payment is completed. The invoice can be requested once the end date of the stay has passed. Payments can be made by credit card, deposit or bank transfer. The reservation includes the services that will be specified in the reservation confirmation. Please read correctly all the information on the products purchased since it may entail supplements and extra services with a surcharge that must be paid directly to the establishment by the user and of which Compañía de los Andes SA is exempt from any contractual, extra-contractual or liability liability. any other type.


Once the client has made the full payment of the reservation as previously indicated, he will automatically receive the voucher for the reservation. This voucher forms the basis of the contract for the reservation: the client acknowledges that it is their responsibility to print and check the confirmation, and to ensure that all the details it contains are correct, since the services can only be provided in accordance with the details specified in the herself.

Online Purchase Conditions via the web

  1. This is an agreement between Compañía de los Andes SA and the user that will govern the use of the pass sales system through the Compañía de los Andes SA website (

  2. The user declares that he is of legal age (18 years) and has the necessary legal capacity to contract the products and services offered on the page.

  3. The user declares under oath that all the information provided to access and use this website is true, accurate and complete.

  4. The user understands and fully accepts the general conditions that are established below and expressly states that he is responsible for damages and losses and assumes the economic consequences that his improper action on and with this website could cause both the Company of the Andes SA and third parties.

  5. Acceptance of these general conditions is essential in order to continue with the purchase by this means.

  6. Compañía de los Andes SA ensures the safeguarding of all data posted by its users on its website, in accordance with the provisions of Law 25326.

  7. Compañía de los Andes SA reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at any time and without prior notice. The terms and conditions and their modifications will be applied immediately from their publication on the Site. The use of the Site after any modification has been made will be understood as acceptance by the User of the modifications made to the conditions of use.

  8. All the contents of this site are the exclusive property of Compañía de los Andes SA and are protected by intellectual property rights.

  9. Compañía de los Andes SA is not responsible for the consequences derived from the use of the links of third parties / companies that are published on this website.

  10. The Pass or equipment rental must be collected in the corresponding departments located at the base of the Hill, only by the user who owns the Pass or by a person expressly authorized by the same owner by means of reliable authorization. In any of the cases, an Identity Document, the voucher or the printing of the proof of the online purchase must be exhibited.

  11. Compañía de los Andes SA will not be responsible for the operations between the financial entities involved and the user during the commercial transaction to purchase the Pass, including credit and / or debit card operators. Nor will it be responsible for compliance, granting or any circumstance derived from the promotions granted by the enabled means of payment.

  12. Compañía de los Andes SA reserves the right to modify, interrupt, alter the content and / or access to the site at any time, without prior notice.

  13. For the purposes of the contracts concluded through this website, the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic is established, the parties renouncing any jurisdiction or jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

Mountain Services Conditions:

  1. The Pass to the lifts of Compañía de los Andes SA is nominative, it is not transferable, nor is its cost reimbursable. It can only be used by the holder for whom it was issued.

  2. The use by someone who is not the holder of the Pass, whether or not they belong to the holder's family group or any violation of the normal use of the Pass by its holder authorizes Compañía de los Andes SA to withdraw and / or revoke the Pass immediately. In this case, the contract by which the user acquired the issued Passes will be terminated, in full right and without the need for any questioning or notification. In this case, the user will lose any right to claim damages. In the event that the Pass is used by third parties (other than the holder), whether or not they are from their family group, to access the lifts, the pass will be withdrawn immediately, without the possibility of using the service again and without the right to any claim for the offending user.

  3. The term "ski" and / or "skier" and / or "snowboard" and / or "snowboardist" used in these General Conditions also refers to and encompasses adapted skiing and its variants.

  4. The delivery of the Pass to third parties or its adulteration or falsification, constitutes the crime established in Art. 172 and 173 of the Penal Code.

  5. The holder of the Pass assumes the duty of custody of it. Compañía de los Andes SA is not responsible in case of theft, theft, forgetfulness, deterioration and / or loss of the Pass. In any of the aforementioned cases of theft, theft, forgetfulness, deterioration and / or loss, if the user intends to access the lifts, he must again purchase the Pass at the current public price. In all cases the reissue will have an additional cost.

  6. The Pass has a useful life and does not have replacement insurance.

  7. Returns of Passes will not be accepted for voluntarily unused services and / or for services not used due to climatic reasons.

  8. The purchase of the passes implies respecting the shifts and / or queues at the lifts.

  9. The personnel of Compañía de los Andes SA may demand, when there are queues in the lifts, that they go with all their seats covered.

  10. Compañía de los Andes SA reserves the right of admission and permanence.

  11. The pass is valid only for ascending the lifts of Compañía de los Andes SA during the contracted period of time. The non-use and / or non-opening of a lift during the current season implies the loss of it and its value, and it cannot be used in the following seasons.

  12. The personnel of Compañía de los Andes SA may demand, at any time, the exhibition of the Pass, its purchase documentation and documents that prove the identity of the holder.

  13. The midday pass includes access to the corresponding lifts from 1:00 p.m. until they close.

  14. Compañía de los Andes SA -at its sole discretion- may cancel and / or withdraw the pass at any time and place in cases where the user incurs misconduct, including those that endanger their own physical integrity or that of other people, the integrity of the assets of the company and / or its concessionaires and / or in the event that the user does not respect the rules established in Decree 917/2015 of the Province of Neuquén, which can be found on our website www

  15. The user accepts and undertakes to comply with the obligations under his charge established in Decree 917/2015 of the Province of Neuquén and assumes the consequences for non-compliance established in the aforementioned Regulation.

  16. The Pass user understands that he is responsible for the safe use of the lifts. You also understand that you are responsible for monitoring your speed, heading and posture, and that you should be responsible for determining whether your ski level is sufficient for the use of different lifts, slopes and trails. The user is informed that there are risks inherent in skiing and other risks in mountain sports. These hazards include, but are not limited to: variations in snow, wind, visibility, slopes and terrain, ice, ice conditions, rocks, avalanches, trees and other wooded forms that grow above and below the surface, tower blocks, lifts, demarcation ropes, snowmaking equipment and other natural or man-made obstacles on and / or off the designated slopes and / or by the equipment you use to slide and / or items you carry. You are informed that collisions with fixed or mobile equipment may also occur, and / or collisions with third-party users that do not generate any type of responsibility to Compañía de los Andes SA You are informed that the conditions of the marked tracks vary due to weather conditions and By the use. If the acquirer does not agree that the damages, sometimes severe, resulting from these risks, are not the responsibility of Compañía de los Andes SA, and does not agree that they voluntarily assume these risks or damages while practicing this sport, do not you must buy the Pass. As the purchaser of the Pass, the user assumes all personal and material risks and damages to third parties inherent to the practice of skiing and others related to mountain sports, which he recognizes as risky activities in themselves.

  17. The user is informed that he must respect the signs, indications and warnings on slopes and lifts duly communicated both through signaling signs and by the Company's staff.

  18. Children under 14 years of age must access the lifts by wearing a helmet in accordance with provision 376/10 of the Provincial Concessions Directorate of the Province of Neuquén.

  19. Users with different capacities or who suffer from a disability must previously inform Compañía de los Andes SA of the nature of the disability and the need for additional assistance. Users with disabilities must previously request an authorization from Compañía de los Andes SA to access the lifts. If authorization is granted, and if a responsible third person is necessary, he / she must first be responsible for the safety of the disabled person by signing the corresponding disclaimer and physically accompany him / her permanently. with their respective companions, who assume responsibility for the safety of the disabled person by signing the corresponding disclaimer. The accompanying person-responsible must acquire the Pass corresponding to the services they use, with the obligation of permanent physical accompaniment. In the event of a violation of this provision (permanent physical accompaniment), both beneficiaries (disabled and accompanying person) will be subject to the definitive suspension of the Pass with definitive loss of use and enjoyment of it and without refund of the amounts that have been paid for their acquisition.

  20. Likewise, it is reported that the only tracks enabled for skiing for disabled people and / or adapted skiing are the green and blue tracks that correspond to the means of elevation in which you ascended. The red slopes of the aforementioned facilities are enabled by exception for expert adapted skiers. The black slopes are not suitable for adapted skiing. It is reported that the use of a safety belt or tape is mandatory to hold the chair to the lift.

  21. The use of snowboard is not allowed in the T-Bars, beginners towing means and in those determined by Compañía de los Andes SA

  22. In the means of elevations, and for the sole purpose of the safety of the users, the Head of the Medium or higher, the Patrol and security personnel on the slopes may limit the ascent depending on the technical condition that the client demonstrates.

  23. The user's equipment must meet the necessary safety conditions for the practice of sport and / or use of lifting means, this implies a sufficient shelter, in all parts of the body, to resist low temperatures and to be outdoors during 3 to 5 hours more than planned, in case of damage to a lift. If these conditions are not met, Compañía de los Andes SA is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from the lack of said elements.

  24. The partial, sectoral or total paralysis of the means of transport for any reason including those caused by climatic factors, and / or security, and / or technical, does not give the right to claim of any nature.

  25. Due to climatic causes, a medium may be "Conditional", this means that for your safety, it may be closed at any time or be detained for an indefinite period, and it may be the case of having to paralyze it completely and evacuate the line with harnesses. and / or security elements. Compañía de los Andes SA has the right to prohibit or restrict the boarding of minors in "conditional" lifts for safety reasons. In case of acquiring passes when the weather condition is "conditional", and this is reported on the website and / or at the ticket offices, it will not give the right to any claim or refund.

  26. Any power outage unrelated to our installation is beyond the scope of the company, being solely the responsibility of the electric company that provides the service (EPEN). Having said this, Compaía de los Andes SA is relieved of all commercial, civil and criminal responsibility with respect to intermittent and permanent power outages during the stay of visitors in the concession area at the Ski Resort.

  27. Children under 12 years of age or whose height is less than 1.25 meters are considered minor.

  28. Children under 1.25 meters tall or under 12 years old cannot be transported in a chair if they are not accompanied by at least one adult, within the following conditions: a maximum of 3 (three) children are admitted per adult Only if up to two children are placed on each side of the adult, there should be no free space between the children. The adult qualification is that of over 18 years of age. The adult must be in a position to provide or provide the necessary help to the children with whom they are traveling, mainly with regard to the safety bar and safety conditions; In the case of a group formed, it is the responsibility of the group leader to organize the children by chair, within the plan provided by Compañía de los Andes SA for the environment and to ensure prior to boarding that the adults involved do not oppose the accompanying of the children. children and does not obstruct access to the environment. The parent, guide, instructor or tutor who does not comply with this article will be sanctioned, being able to deny him access to the bicycle lifts in the case, and / or possible repetitions to the user who does not carry the stopper or the appropriate safety strap .children by a deadline or by withdrawing the Pass for the lifts.

  29. The rescues carried out by Patrol personnel outside the authorized tracks and in the off-track areas and / or by people who violate the general conditions of the service and / or who violate the schedules set by Compañía de los Andes SA for the use of the Lifting means will be carried out at the exclusive cost and expense of the user. The cost of rescue per person will be at least equal to the sum of pesos equivalent to a major weekly high season pass. The cost of the rescue may be higher according to the nature that it implies.

  30. Ski equipment to slide on the slopes must have an automatic stopping system in good operating conditions (stoppers), to prevent its eventual accidental sliding, or a strap that must be attached at all times to the leg, arm or holder's waist, even while using a lifting gear. In the case of using a strap, if the equipment is left by its owner in any area above the base, it must be attached to a handrail or firm palenque.

  31. Compañía de los Andes SA may prohibit the ascent or descent of the mountain to the user who does not carry the stopper or the appropriate safety strap. It may also punish the user with the suspension or loss of the Pass, depending on the severity of the case, and / or possible repetitions.

  32. Admission to the nursery subject to general conditions, limited places and service hours.

  33. The condition of pregnancy increases the risks involved in practicing skiing and any other mountain sport, in addition to the use of lifting and dragging means. The purchase of the pass brings with it the acceptance and knowledge of the increased risks involved in the use of the lifting equipment by the user.

  34. To ascend with equipment other than Ski or Snowboard (Ex: Snowmobile, Snowbike, alpine ski, bicycles, snowshoes, etc.) the user must request prior express authorization at the Customer Service Office of Compañía de los Andes SA

  35. It is not allowed to use the slopes with touring skis, snowshoes, plastics, sleds or other means prohibited by Compañía de los Andes SA, being subject in any case the use of means other than those used for alpine skiing and skiing. snowboarding to the areas that Compañía de los Andes SA could especially enable for this purpose. When, due to exceptional circumstances, a skier is forced to ascend or descend on foot, he must in any case do so on the side of the track. To practice cross-country skiing, prior authorization must be requested from Compañía de los Andes SA

  36. The ascent in aerial lifts is prohibited for passengers using snowboards who do not have sufficient skill and the technical level to be able to disembark from the means safely. The level of difficulty indicated in the medium will be taken into account and the evaluation made by the Chief of the Medium, Patrol personnel or Track Safety. If it is considered that the user does not meet the necessary conditions, this will imply the withdrawal of the Pass without refund of the amount paid.

  37. Ascent in aerial lifts, unrelated to Compañía de los Andes SA, is prohibited.

  38. Ascent with paragliding or snow-kite equipment is prohibited.

  39. The ascent with animals by means of elevation is prohibited, except in those cases authorized by Compañía de los Andes SA for reasons of safety, assistance and rescue or the necessary attention to people with disabilities.

  40. Climbing is prohibited in the concession area.

  41. It is forbidden to ski carrying babies or children or pets in backpacks.

  42. Pedestrian traffic on the tracks is prohibited.

  43. For the application of reduced prices, discounts and / or promotions, Compañía de los Andes SA reserves the right to request at any time and throughout the season, the presentation of the corresponding supporting documentation. Failure to present the requested documentation will lead to the automatic cancellation of the Pass without any rights.

  44. The use of the lifting equipment with sleds and / or similar sliding objects not authorized for the equipment is not allowed.


  1. The prices expressed are in pesos subject to modifications without prior notice.

  2. The prices of the Passes are to the public and include VAT 10.5%.

  3. The Prices correspond exclusively to Passes for means of lifts of Compañía de los Andes SA

  4. For the tariff purposes of means of lifts, any person under 5 years of age is considered Junior, presenting an Identity Document, they will have the subsidized pass.

  5. For the tariff purposes of lifting means, any person from 6 to 11 years old inclusive is considered Minor, presenting an Identity Document.

  6. For the tariff purposes of lifting means, any person from 12 to 64 years of age is considered Major, presenting an Identity Document.

  7. For the tariff purposes of means of lifts, any person from 65 to 69 years of age is considered Senior, presenting an Identity Document.

  8. For the purposes of lifting means, Master is considered to be over 70 years old, presenting an Identity Document.

  9. Pedestrian pass includes an ascent and a descent to the means enabled for this purpose.

  10. The means of lifting to be used may vary due to operational or technical reasons.

  11. The acquisition of the Passes implies the acceptance of the General Conditions of the Service.

  12. In all cases of discounts on the price of the pass, each user must present the voucher or documentation that proves said benefit reported through our website.


The contracting of the products / services of the Organizers implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the decisions adopted by the latter in accordance with the law and its good judgment.

The promotions and discounts that may be in force at any given time on said rates do not apply in a linear manner to all the services and / or products included in said programs.

Tierra Alta Turismo - EVyT File 15,792

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