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Caviahue Ski Resort is the ideal ski center for families who are new to skiing and snowboarding, even for those who prefer to mix between crossings, sports, gastronomy and relaxation. Although there are itineraries for experts who seek to challenge their own limits, we tell you the step by step to plan your first snow vacation.

Planificacion del viaje


Whether it is for a family vacation or a getaway with friends, it is important to plan the trip so that you are coordinating and making the most of your time.




  1. There are always "combos" with more convenient prices by acquiring passes, classes, equipment rental and accommodation in advance as a family or group. (see Promotions and Plans)

  2. Subscribe to our database and you will receive the information periodically.

  3. During the months leading up to the season, from January to May, the pre-sale guarantees you better prices.

  4. The packages are for a minimum of 3 days (Mini Week), although the most convenient and usual are for 7 nights of accommodation and 6 days of services (Ski Week).



  1. To enter the complex you must acquire the PASSES that are classified in Minor and Major. Children under 5 or over 70 years old DO NOT PAY.

  2. At the base of the hill are the ticket offices, although we suggest making the purchase online in advance to avoid delays.

  3. The PASE is non-transferable and personal. It is hired for CONSECUTIVE days, for example: if you buy your pass for July 1, 2 and 3, the day 07/04 is already expired and you cannot enter. (see General Conditions)

  4. You can buy PASSES from 1/2 day to 7 days. (see Pass Rates).

  5. You have several PASE alternatives depending on where you live, age and season: residents of Caviahue, Loncopué and Huecú have a 50% discount on the PASE per season. (see Pass Rates).

  6. If you are a resident of the Valley (Neuquén and Río Negro) you have a 25% discount in low season.

  7. If you are a university student and you accredit it with a "Regular Student Certificate", you also have differential rates.

  8. If you are not going to ski, you have the option of the "Chairlift Ride" to be dazzled with panoramic views from the Pehuén parador.

  9. IMPORTANT: If you buy your pass online, they will contact you via email to validate your purchase through a VOUCHER.

  10. VOUCHERS MUST BE PRESENTED IN PRINTED FORM ONLY at the box office. Without exception.

  11. Remember that in Caviahue, as in many parts of the interior of the country, you do NOT have constant access to the internet, that means that you cannot download the vouchers from your cell phone.

  12. You will always have to go through the ticket offices to collect your PASE cards with the PRINTED VOUCHER OF ALL THE MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP OR FAMILY (without exception). Just like a plane ticket.

  13. If you arrive the day before the destination, go to the ticket offices before 5:00 p.m. to complete the procedure and obtain your PASS.

  14. If you will pick them up on day 1, remember to go very early because the procedure takes time, especially if you booked a class first thing in the morning.

  15. In exchange for the VOUCHERS they will give you the PASS.

  16. The loss of the PASE has a cost of $ 100.- to generate a new card.




  1. You can rent equipment online or at the Rental. Includes boots, skis and poles or snowboard and boots.

  2. Children under 14 years of age must use a helmet, although we suggest that everyone do so. In all cases they are rented in the Rental (not available online or included in packages). The cost is $ 150.- per day.

  3. We suggest you go to the hill the day before day 1 of entry to process the rental with your RENTAL VOUCHER so we do the size tests and leave your equipment adjusted and reserved.


If it is your first experience in skiing, it is necessary to take classes to learn the technique faster and avoid blows or accidents, both your own and those of third parties.

  1. It takes at least 3 days of class to be able to adapt to the skis and know the minimum maneuvers to slide in the snow.

  2. There are group and private classes (individual or in groups of no more than 3 people) always grouped according to the level of skills. More info…

  3. For the youngest, from 3 months to 3 years old, the Los Pumitas Nursery School, the Snow Garden for 4 and 5 years. From 6 to 12 years of age they enter the Junior Club.

  4. Classes are booked by phone or in person at the School. In both cases you will have to go through the School (at the base of the hill) to choose the type of class, days and times.

  5. We recommend that you do all these procedures the day before day 1 of skiing so that you avoid delays to enter even when the School's hiring is included in a promotional package.



It is necessary to have the appropriate clothing to be comfortable and warm.

  1. The key is to dress in layers. Thermal shirt, microfleece diver, if necessary 2 divers and a waterproof jacket ideally with a "snow trap". It is an adjustment at the waist that prevents you from getting wet.

  2. The pants also have double closure on the sleeves that prevents snow from entering, they are waterproof. Many wear warm leggings or long johns to keep the joints out of the cold.

  3. Gloves are essential and must also be waterproof. No scarves or wool gloves.

  4. The "buff" is an ideal garment, it is a mix cylinder of lycra and cotton that covers the neck and mouth.

  5. Goggles: yes or even more so in children, they protect the eyes from the reflection of the snow that even if it is cloudy is harmful. If you wear glasses, there are sports models that support magnification, they are dark and have a UV filter.

  6. The ideal footwear is called "pre-ski" are waterproof boots with a coat and textured sole. Walking boots and trekking shoes are suitable as long as they are waterproof and warm. No shoes with smooth soles, slippers and much less rain boots.

  7. Stockings: it is essential to have those that are manufactured for skiing since they have reinforcements that prevent injuries and blows.

In the town of Caviahue there are places to rent clothing but if you go in high season, plan to get a basic equipment before leaving.


  1. They have already reserved the equipment that you tried on, there you can leave your shoes in exchange for boots, skis, boards and poles.

  2. We do not have storage lockers, therefore do not carry backpacks or bags as they will not allow you to move easily and their use in the lifts is prohibited due to the serious risks that they can cause in the chair lifts.

  3. Take care of your personal items because if they fall in the snow it is very difficult to find them.

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