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JULY, 2019

Lifan, the official automotive company of Caviahue 2019

This year, the Chinese-born automaker, Lifan, already installed in our country, is a sponsor of Caviahue during the 2019 season. Those who visit the ski center will be able to visit the stand located at the base where the Myway and X 70 models are exhibited.


15% discount for holders in the rental of complete Premium or Elite ski and / or snowboard equipment, from 1 to 7 days in duration in their purchases through Caviahue Ski Resort (at Tierra Alta Turismo EVT -Leg. 15792 Disp. 104/2014) either by phone or at the Rental Caviahue located at the base of the hill. The application of the discount will be immediate at the time of hiring. This promotion is valid from June 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019. To manage the rental of equipment, send an email to


Everything that snow offers in one place

In the middle of the Neuquén mountain range, Caviahue Ski Resort is the one chosen by families because their options range from taking the first steps in skiing to the Free Ride, from alternating sports with crossings and excursions to excellent gastronomy.

The ski center is the first choice for families as it meets all the requirements to enjoy the snow at all ages.

This year the transfer service from Neuquén airport to Caviahue is incorporated in combination with two of the most frequent flights of Aerolineas Argentinas. They go from Saturday to Saturday, at fixed hours, with limited places and contracts are made through Caviahue Ski Resort with the same financing benefits (3 and 6 installments without interest with VISA and with the cards issued by the BPN -Banco of the Province of Neuquén-) than the rest of the hiring of the ski center. The dates and other details are at: , section: HOW TO GET THERE.

The Caviahue School has the Snow Garden and the Junior Club so that the boys, according to their age, live a fun and socializing experience while they learn.

For adolescents and adults there are collective, group and individual classes that are organized according to the level of skill in skiing and snowboarding.

For the youngest or those who are in the first stage of learning to ski, this 2019 a new Carpet Lift was installed located behind the Grand Hotel & Spa. This new means of elevation expands the areas of slopes in the sector.

The Nursery School is the place of care for children in their early childhood. They are cared for, protected and entertained while the parents ski.

The proximity of the town's accommodations to the hill is one of its advantages. Just 1.5 km away and with transfers at various times, it is not necessary to depend on the car to get around. The Nevado Hotel and the Cabañas del Pueblo are two lodging alternatives managed by Caviahue Ski Resort.

Undoubtedly, the option of staying at the imposing Grand Hotel & Spa **** is literally being in the middle of the slopes and leaving or arriving skiing from its comfortable rooms with unique views. Also located at the base, are the Cabañas del Cerro, with a capacity of up to 6 passengers, they offer this same alternative.

The layout of the slopes means that everyone can slide in the snow. Those who take their first steps as well as the experts, have their own challenge. Even lovers of the extreme have the opportunity to reach virgin areas and descend on powder snow.

Many prefer to alternate their time between skiing and adventure. Snowmobile tours and hagglund vehicle tours transport young and old to wonderful places like waterfalls, streams and slopes with unrivaled panoramic views.

The mountain inns offer different proposals on their menus, ranging from typical Patagonian dishes to a succulent hot chocolate to recharge your batteries.

In Caviahue Ski Resort everything is close and planned so that you can fully enjoy what the mountain gives us.




JUNE, 2019


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On Wednesday June 7, organized by the Neuquén provincial tourism body, "Neuquentur" and with the participation of all the ski centers and snow parks in the province, the traditional launch meeting of the winter season 2019 at the Sucre restaurant in Ciudad A. de Buenos Aires.

Under the slogan "Neuquén is your destination" and with the support of the CFI Federal Investment Council, the event was attended by the Governor of the Province Omar Gutiérrez and the Minister of Tourism Marisa Focarazzo, who were joined by the directors of the ski centers, part of their work teams, tourist promoters, agencies, journalists and special guests. The menu was in charge of chef Pablo Buzzo who is distinguished by his cuisine with Patagonian ingredients.

Carlos Arana, director of Caviahue Ski Resort gave, with his words, the formal start of the launch of the promotion and opening of the Neuquén winter centers, announcing news and new investments.

There we were presenting the installation of a new means of elevation, the activation of promotions that attract more visitors to the destination and the wide range of accommodation available to Tierra Alta Turismo SA

We are accompanied this season by top-of-the-line brands that find in Caviahue a convenient setting to reach their consumers. Pura Fruta, BPN -Banco Provincia de Neuquén-, Visa, Corona, Éxito and the brand new incorporation of the official carmaker 2019 "Lifan" whom we welcome and thank for their presence on the hill.


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Caviahue Ski Resort under the motto: the perfect ski center to learn to ski with the family and live great adventures in the snow, is preparing to receive a new season on June 28, the confirmed opening date.

It also announces the incorporation of its second Carper Lift, located in front of the luxurious Grand Hotel & Spa at the Base of the Hill, which will be an ideal means of elevation for beginners and children.

In addition, the brand new track in front of the Grand Hotel & Spa will continue in full operation, offering convenient access making this accommodation a true ski in & out.

The Ski School will offer in its services "Top Class Private Lessons", the guide of expert instructors who have multimedia technology to evaluate skiers and improve their technique in a personalized way.

More than 100 new Carving ski equipment was added to Rental Caviahue, which will provide greater comfort and safety thanks to the first-rate services of the renowned international brand.

The Grand Hotel & Spa at the foot of the slopes is a unique differential advantage among other winter centers, which allows you to enjoy a stay with all the comfort, excellent gastronomy and services at the foot of the mountain. One of its benefits is the lockers for the storage of ski equipment strategically located at the hotel's access to the slopes.

Caviahue Ski Resort has a privileged location on the high Andes Mountains that guarantees the best quality and the greatest amount of snow throughout the winter season. At the base you can purchase passes to the lifts, the rental of ski equipment, snowboard and accessories, cafeteria and fast food restaurant and hire classes at the Ski School. It also has its Track Safety team and the possibility of hiring excursions in caterpillar vehicles or snowmobiles.

The services of the Caviahue School –Ski & Snowboard- are growing more strongly since this destination is characterized by being ideal for taking the first steps in these sports. From beginners to the most experienced skiers find proposals to slide down the mountain.

Even those visitors with disabilities find in Caviahue an opportunity to enjoy the snow through classes with monoski.


The “Los Pumitas” Nursery School houses children from 3 months to 3 years of age who are cared for and very well cared for while their parents ski.

The “Éxito Snow Garden” welcomes 4 and 5 year old boys with a proposal that intersperses play, fun and the first steps in skiing.

In the "Junior Club", aimed at children from 6 to 11 years old, the day focuses on teaching skiing and snowboarding to which is added a program of activities that promote ecological awareness and the preservation of the environment among students. More smalls.

The Kids Areas are two exclusive areas for children from 3 to 6 years old, specially designed for games and fun in complete safety since they are surrounded by nets and are for the exclusive use of children and teachers at the Éxito Snow Garden. One located to the left of the Lift Carpet and one on a flat area within the complex. Its advantages are that parents can accompany and supervise their children during classes from the Terrace of the Grand Hotel & Spa or from the Parador Las Lengas.


The FREE RIDE experience grows and allows snow lovers to expand the borders to ski through virgin snow places, the adventure combines skiing and snowmobile rides is guided by a team of local specialists and an accompaniment that guarantees maximum safety and enjoyment. Includes: Snowmobiles, new slopes and powder snow.


Every Friday there is a race against the parents, where the students will demonstrate their skills. In the afternoon, a snack is made and they receive a diploma for their participation. The closing of the competitions is celebrated with the awards ceremony.

Torch descents and races also take place among the students of the School.

Caviahue Ski Resort is characterized by offering its visitors endless alternatives that are not only summarized in learning the sport. Excursions, guided tours and snowmobile adventures allow visitors to alternate their stay between the exciting world of skiing and snowboarding with adventure and connection with nature.

As every year, we are accompanied by leading brands that find in Caviahue an ideal setting to reach their consumers. Pura Fruta, BPN -Banco Provincia de Neuquén-, Visa, Corona, Éxito and the brand new incorporation of the official carmaker 2019 "Lifan" whom we welcome and thank for their presence on the hill.

Material for the exclusive use of the press: Images of the Ski Center, Hotel Nevado and Grand Hotel and newsletters for specialized and mass media.
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